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History of Money and Credit (link from Emily, Joan & friends, ty)
Gold Guide for Kids
Monetary History Highlights
Rueffian Economics
The Rueffian Synthesis
Jack Kemp and the Gold Standard
The Free Silver Movement
History of Money
Coin Image Library of US Mint
Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange
Gold in Butte Montana
Money Test

History of Silver Price
Mining History of Mexico
The Silver Question
History of Gold and Silver
Gold to Silver Ratio
Visualize Silver and Gold Values
Free Silverites
Brief History of Gold Standard
History of American Money
Gold Mining

Gold Money
Rise of the Gold Standard
Heyday of the Gold Standard
After the Gold Standard
History of Jewellery
Gold Facts
Silver History
Gold/Silver History

Silver Investment
Silver at Home
Silver in Industry
Silver in Technology
Silver Price History
The Silver Element
Silver in History
Gold / Silver History
History of Gold
History of Gold and Silver Usage, Jared’s Story

Milton Freidman Videos

5 Part Interview Series with Phil Donahue

Element of Gold
Women in the Gold Rush
Alaska Gold History
Gold, Silver and Fiat Currency
History of Comstock Lode
A Brief History of Silver
A Brief History of Gold
Avoiding Gold Confiscation Today
History of Money
History of the US Silver Dollar

Health Uses of Gold
Coin Facts
History of Gold
Short History of Metals
Gold Properties
Stories About Gold and Silver Money
About Gold
Marks on Gold and Silver
Ten Commandments to Buy Gold and Silver
History of Silver in Taxco Mexico
The Ratio of Gold and Silver from 1800 to 1900
The Thames Gold Field
Marks on Gold and Silver
Brief History of First Coins
History of Mining
The Georgia Gold Rush
The Silver King Mine
Silver History for Kids
Gold History for Kids
Gold and Silver Smithing: A Judaic Tradition Part I
Gold and Silver Smithing: A Judaic Tradition Part II

Opening the Mint to Gold and Silver
Gold Hill
Gold Rush
Metalwork Gold South and Southeast Asia
Values of Decimal Coins of the UK
A History in Silver and Gold
Gold Rush History of Summit County, Colorado
Silver in the Beehive State
How To Invest in Gold and Silver Coins
History of the Gold Standard and Why it’s so Valuable
Gold Standard
Senator David Bennett Hill Defends Gold Standard
“Pitchfork Ben” Tillman at 1896 Democratic Convention
“Cross of Gold” Speech (William Jennings Bryan)

This great video on the History of Virginia City Nevada and the Comstock Lode Mine is the first of seven. When the first episode ends, the link to the second will come up. Each of the seven videos will link just the same way.

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